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MAC Wireless Profile InstallerAppleScript which was created as a tool to assist students connecting to the network.macOS 10.12 Sierramac_wireless_profile_installer.zip82 kB1.4 (View Changlog)22-11-2016213
MAC Mount Network SharesAppleScript which was created as a tool to assist students mounting SMB network shares.Unconfirmedmac_mount_network_shares.zip82 kB1.1 (View Changlog)25-11-2016150
MAC Export Computer InfoAppleScript which was created as a tool to assist with exporting computer information for entering into Disco database.Unconfirmedmac_export_computer_info.zip78 kB1.2 (View Changlog)28-11-2016188
MAC Create Desktop ShortcutsAppleScript which was created as a tool to create necessary desktop shortcuts for students.Unconfirmedmac_create_desktop_shortcuts.zip74 kB1.1 (View Changlog)28-11-2016179
AD Email Attribute UpdaterPowershell script which was created to assist in checking and updating users proxyAddresses and EmailAddress attributes within Active Directory for use with O365.Unconfirmedad_email_attribute_updater_ps1.zip2 kB1.5 (View Changlog)08-08-2018201
O365 AD User UPN ChangePowerShell script which was created to change users UPN in O365.Unconfirmedo365_upn_change_ps1.zip2 kB1 (View Changlog)25-10-2017103
AD Password Expiry ReminderPowershell script which was created to send reminder emails to staff when their password is going to expire.Unconfirmedad_password_expiry_reminder_ps1.zip3 kB1 (View Changlog)13-08-201874
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